VMware complements cloud management with automation tool

VMware yesterday unveiled an update to the vCloud Suite at the VMworld Europe 2012 home conference in Barcelona. The virtualization specialist is thus expanding its cloud management portfolio , which was launched in August . In addition to product enhancements, the suite features vCloud Automation Center 5.1, a completely new module.

The enhancements are designed to simplify and automate management in physical and virtual environments. With the software components that are suitable for the management of hybrid and heterogeneous clouds , VMware is driving forward the concept of the “Software Defined Datacenter”.

The provider summarizes the essence of this concept in two sentences: “The entire infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service. Computer center control is completely automated through software. “In addition to cloud service provisioning, the automated provision of IT as a service, the management approach includes the disciplines of cloud operations management and cloud business management. “Our vision is to develop the datacenter operating system,” said Pat Gelsinger, new CEO of VMware.

Building cloud infrastructures

According to VMware, vCloud Suite brings together all the components customers need to build, operate, and manage cloud infrastructures. With the update, the manufacturer presents advanced and new management components.

The new vCloud Automation Center 5.1 is designed to help customers automate the delivery of IT services. The technology comes from the start-up DynamicOps, which VMware took over in July. It enables policy-based provisioning of services from private and public clouds . Multiple hypervisors are supported as well as purely physical infrastructures or services from the Amazon cloud . Authorized administrators, developers and business users can request or manage existing IT resources through a self-service portal.

Blueprints for applications

The component vFabric Application Director is intended to accelerate the development of multi-tier applications and their deployment in different clouds. This is done using so-called blueprints with standardized, pre-approved operating system and middleware components. With the update to version 5.0, VMware extends application support to all Microsoft applications (including Exchange, SQL Server, Sharepoint) and custom applications.

VCenter Operations Management Suite supports integrated performance , capacity, and configuration management through patented analysis methods. These procedures are designed to provide administrators with the information they need to proactively meet service levels in hybrid cloud environments. In Version 5.6 of the suite, the Operations Dashboard opens additional views that help customers align their IT with policies, security policies, and regulatory requirements.

Expansion of data center boundaries

The vCloud Connector is used to transfer virtual machines and applications between private and public clouds based on VMware technology. This is intended to expand the logical boundaries of data centers. For example, version 2.0 of the product can move workloads without having to reconfigure networks and other settings.

Cost and quality of cloud services

In addition to the enhancements to vCloud Suite, VMware announces an update of the IT Business Management Suite. It should give customers a transparent insight into the costs, quality and value of their cloud services . In version 7.5, VMware has added an IT benchmarking module to the suite that has more than 3,500 metrics across 18 scopes. The suite also enhances IT finance management by further automating and streamlining budget processes.