Stop Any Blogspot Blog From Tracking Your Page Views

Oh c’mon, I am surely not going to tell you how to stop the blogger from tracking your page views and show it on the dashboard. Well, that too doesn’t work when we set up our blog to a custom domain. So, I shall tell you how to stop your blogger blog from tracking your page views also.

Friends, we all have a “Stats” tab in our blog’s dashboard and that “Stats” tab’s “Overview” option’s “Don’t track my pageviews” never works well if you have a custom domain installed on your blog. However, by using the trick I am going to share today, you will be able to block Blogger from tracking your page views and showing it on the Dashboard.

Here’s an additional profit if you use this trick, e.g., if you use the method I have written below, you would be able to block any blogger blog from tracking your page views. I just mean that, if you want to open but don’t wish to give information to Blogger that you visited it (because if Blogger gets the info that you visited the blog, then it may show your pageview count in the admin’s dashboard) and you are not the admin of that, then you can use below trick.

By the above paragraph, it is clear that- the trick I am going to share will not only make you able to stop the Blogger from tracking your visits on your blog but will also make you able to stop any Blogger blog from tracking your page views and show it on the blog’s owner’s dashboard.

How It Blocks Blogger From Tracking My Page Views?

It is a stupid thing for a developer, but it may be a bit complex thing for newbies. That is the only reason I am not going to elaborate the whole of it. I would, of course, elaborate it very briefly to help anyone to recognise what I want to say or want to let you understand.


A cookie file will do all the trick of stopping Blogger to track your page views. The URL I have given below will store a cookie file in browser’s cookies, and that will prevent Blogger from tracking your page view.

How To Stop Blogger From Tracking My Page Views, Finally?

This was probably the most awaited solution because after Blogger team had enabled the option for the custom domain, blogger were unable to do certain things, and one of that certain things is “Don’t track my pageviews” option. Below, I am sharing some steps. Follow it and you will end-up stopping Blogger’s tracking.


Steps are following:

  • Go to the URL I have given above (before it, replace blog-URL with the blog URL you want to block for tracking your views):

  • Now, you will get the following message:

// API callback __gwt_jsonp__.P2.onSuccess({“status”:”yes”});

  • Now, be relaxed because now, the blog URL will no more get the info when you visit it.

Well, let us tell you an example according to above steps. When we change blog-URL in above post, in our case, the URL will be (if I want to block blogger to track info about my page views of Blogger Guider):-

How To Unblock Blogger From Tracking Your Page Views To A Particular Blog?

Hmm… it’s again a problem. However, we have the solution of this problem too, and it is quite easy to understand. This time, we will not store any cookie file in our browser, but instead, we will remove the cookie file from our blog’s cookie folder.

To remove the file, we have three ways.

  1. Use Blogger’s utility.
  2. Clear your browser’s all cookies.
  3. Clear cookies of a particular blog.

The first option I have written above it better than the second one and of course, the third one. But, I am going to tell you all the three methods.

Using Blogger’s Utility

As, Blogger provides the URL (I shared above) for injecting the blocking cookie file in our browser; it hence provide a URL to remove it too! The URL is:

Are you able to see the word I have highlighted above? In the previous URL, we had used SET but in this one, we have used UNSET. I think, it’s clear now. If you wish to remove the cookies file that blocks Blogger from tracking your page views, you may open the URL that I gave you above after replacing blog-URL.

By Clearing Your Browser’s Cookies

The second option for removing that blocking cookie file is- By eliminating all the cookie data. Now, to do this on Google Chrome, you can go to History (Ctrl + H) > Clear browsing data… > tick Cookies and other site and plugin data > Clear browsing data.


For finding other browser’s cookies clearing steps, you can take help from Google. I always.

By Clearing Cookies Of A Particular Blog

It is quite easy. You just have a click few options and viola! You will end up with cleared cookie files that belong to a particular blog. In Google Chrome, click the lock icon (or paper icon on blogger or non-SSL certified blogs) that exists on the left side of blog’s URL. Now, click on the option “Show cookies and site data” and then select the block of which you want to clear cookies and click on remove button.



Final Word

Hopefully, I think you enjoyed the posts. There were few new features of Google Chrome that I introduced with you through this post. Moreover, of course, I think that you liked it because probably, it was the most awaited thing for which, bloggers were waiting. Do you know? The first URL I gave above was already on the internet on other blogs but here only, you can learn the advanced use of it. At last, Happy blogging!