Social Collaboration, Team Messaging And The Future with Business Team

Blueend web: applications presented a SaaS version of the intranet software at CeBIT with Business Team. The platform serves to exchange knowledge among employees, customers and partners and can be obtained without a minimum contract period and with a monthly notice period.

Business Team is a social networking platform for businesses offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). The portal solution is particularly suitable for project work, but also for the exchange of knowledge and communication among employees, customers and partners.

SaaS for monthly rent

Any changes, new entries or individual group messages will be displayed on’s Activity Stream directly on the homepage, and members will be able to post news or questions. Thus, each employee keeps track of current project status, tasks and news from project groups and individually relevant content. Similar to Facebook or other social networking services you can follow other employees, documents or even wiki pages.

An integrated task management supports the targeted implementation of projects. It is thus possible to maintain several task lists and to attach various contents such as documents or CRM entries. All tasks are prioritized according to maturity in a central dashboard. Furthermore, it is possible to assign tasks to other employees via all content, such as documents or wiki pages, and thus to collaboratively work on tasks. This is to relieve other communication tools such as e-mail or phone calls and the project goal can be reached faster without detours.

The Business Team also integrates project groups that are either closed to specific team members or open to all employees. All project groups have their own member management and various settings for the group founder such as a news module for disseminating current news, a forum for discussion and questions, the wiki for documenting the project status or collecting knowledge, filing, Share and collaborate on documents. Within the included calendar module, team meetings or customer appointments can be organized.

Xelos.Net Business Team is a SaaS variant of the enterprise 2.0 solution The offer is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises as well as departments within larger companies who want to organize their projects quickly and without installation effort in a web-based solution. The SaaS solution can be obtained without a minimum contract period and with a monthly notice period. The use is initially free for a month, then arises from ten users a monthly fee of 9.90 euros per user.

Upset Markets: Collective Intelligence in Business

In the mid-2000s, global demand for dairy products suddenly tripled in the space of a few months. After a decade of stability, dairy producers could no longer rely on predictive models based on data. As a result, industry players have relied on collectivization of agriculture, closer to consumers, to better understand and model the drivers of this new demand .

New products

A few years ago, Lumenogic collaborated with a team of marketing researchers to make a market prediction within a Fortune 100 company, focusing on new products. This predictive method proved more relevant than data-based predictions in over 67% of cases, reducing the average error by about 15%, and reducing the error range by 40% .