Social business services from the cloud

At Connect 2018, IBM unveiled cloud-based services and software that help companies take an important step toward social business. The core tasks of the new solutions, according to Big Blue, are the integration of social networking and analysis technologies into existing business processes.

IBM announced new cloud-based social business solutions at Connect 2018 in Orlando (January 27-31, 2018) designed to enhance the integration of social networking and analytics technologies into business processes. According to IBM, it is above all marketing and HR departments that have great development potential with the newly launched social business solutions.

IBM and Kenexa

With announced social software offerings from IBM, marketing and HR departments should be able to drive forward the transition to a social business. For example, the IBM Employee Experience Suite combines IBM Connections and the Kenexa Applicant Tracking System, which was purchased in the summer of 2017, into one package. This allows HR managers to easily connect global teams and enable them to use e-meetings and instant messaging.

The web-based social networking environment also helps HR managers find new people and train new employees. In addition, with the help of the new social media publisher, IBM wants to enable marketing departments to rapidly deliver information across multiple social networks without the support of the IT department.

Connections 4.5

As of March 2013, an updated version of Connections should also be available. In addition to the well-known functions, the platform in Release 4.5 should support users even better in decision-making processes – with big data analyzes and optimized document management. A newly integrated Content Manager also supports the exchange of documents in the team.

Also announced for March 2013: IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition 9. The solution is intended to serve as a social email client and on mobile devices with platforms such as Apple (iOS 6), Android, Microsoft Windows OS and BlackBerry smartphones (including BlackBerry 10) to be used.

The work of Dr. Kathryn Holt and Professor Gordon Dougan is a great example of how Microreact can democratize genomic data and the resulting insights . The latter recently published two articles on the global distribution of typhoid bacteria and drug-resistant epidemic spread. They also published their data directly on Microreact to help other researchers develop other work.

Microreact system: facilitate data sharing

The Microreact system is cloud-based , combining the power of open data and the collective intelligence of the web to provide real-time global data visualization and sharing . Everyone can explore and review information with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This tool can play a key role in the surveillance and control of epidemics such as Zika or Ebola.

Data and metadata can be uploaded to Microreact from a web browser . They can then be viewed, shared and published from a permanent web link. The partnership with Microbial Genomics allows the journal to create data from prospective publications. This project promotes open availability and access to data, while developing a unique resource for health professionals and scientists around the world.