SAP customers with a laughing and a crying eye

With a laughing and a crying eye, the German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) began its annual congress in Bremen. While on the one hand it has considerable success compared to SAP, the club loses its former CEO in Karl Liebstückel. He wants to lead a new institute for software design.

At the 13th Annual Congress 2012 of the DSAG, Prof. dr. Liebstückel on behalf of the SAP users the return of the meanwhile highest-turnover German enterprise to the core business, namely its business applications in the ERP range. Liebstückel pointed out that none of the meanwhile heavily bought solutions would be viable without ERP. ERP is the heart of integrated systems and the one application that is used by SAP’s largest clientele, especially in the three German-speaking countries.

Come on with the GUI!

It’s not just about linking the processes horizontally and vertically, but also about mapping the processes throughout SAP Business Suite. For this purpose, appropriate interfaces are necessary to help avoid media disruptions. Liebstückel called for a uniform and user-friendly user interface (GUI) for all applications in order to increase the acceptance among users in the specialist departments.

This graphical user interface enjoys the words of Dr. Ing. Marco Lenck, the new CEO (already on DSAG’s Board since 2008), is CIO’s top priority. Michael Kleinemeier, SAP manager of the DACH region , admitted that there was still need for action here. But the corresponding HTML5-based technology is already in preparation. At the Sapphire in November you may already see the first results of this development process.

With an attractive GUI, the degree of utilization of the SAP solutions in the specialist departments could also be increased, according to DSAG. Instead, the business users prefer to use other, namely best-of-breed, solutions in terms of quality and attractiveness. Already with the introduction of new applications SAP would have to create framework conditions for higher added value. In plain language: This must go faster, even when introducing new features.

Against the complexity

The SAP customers seem to have a real horror of the growing complexity of their IT landscapes. Hence, their demand for a return to their core business with ERP, but also the simplification of the pricing models, probably stemmed from this.

Over 1100 different list prices are not only confusing, but sometimes also prevent the partial decommissioning or termination of licenses, as Liebstückel complained in his keynote . This means that the misappropriation, which has already criticized associations such as the software initiative , should finally come to an end. This is opposed by a development at SAP that prevents this: the introduction of HANA and the cloud .

Some of Google’s early customer wins may have served to consolidate “no, businesses really can not run like Google” arguments. For example, when it was learned that Snap paid $ 400 million a year for most “computing, storage, bandwidth, and other services, it was easy to respond.” Well, of course a new school “A company like Snap will do it.”

Make business tedious and like Google