makes Service Cloud mobile relies on mobile customer service and presents the Service Cloud Mobile. With co-browsing, communities and chat, companies should make their customers happier for less money.

By Salesforce Cloud Mobile, companies should reach “a new dimension of customer service”. There, the provider promises, customers are 34 percent more satisfied, although organizations save an average of 36 percent on service costs.

The following functions include the offer:

About co-browsing service staff may contain system customers and cross-browser perform complex issues or transactions. The shared access to content allows direct and personalized assistance. The function should become available in the second half of the year. Prices are not known yet.

The mobile service cloud communities should provide customers with knowledge for self-help. In addition, experts could quickly clarify inquiries here. The forum is available immediately; There are no additional charges for users of Service Cloud Enterprise and Unlimited Edition.

For the customer dialogue in real time to ensure a mobile chat . This allows customers to communicate live with a service representative. By the way, he does not have to sit in his office because:

With Service Cloud Touch , also supports mobile devices, such as Amazon Kindle, Android tablets, and Apple’s iOS devices. Service Cloud Touch is now available and included in all Service Cloud versions.

Businesses can now use the Service Cloud Mobile . For Service Cloud Enterprise and Unlimited Edition customers, currently requires an additional $ 50 per user per month.

Manage climate change with this prism

The MIT Center for Collective Intelligence is developing an online forum called Climate Collaboratorium. This forum presents itself as a constantly changing computer model of the atmosphere of planet Earth and human systems, fueled by online scientific discussion rooms . All variables and climate-related factors, how the environment, interactions with humans and ecology are included in this evolutionary model.

The professor Thomas W. Malone, founder of the center, compared Collaboratorium the Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb during World War II . The difference is that the Collaboratorium aims to solve a problem concerning all human beings. Thanks to new technologies, starting with the internet, it is possible to federate many more people than during the Second World War.

At the end of 2014, Climate CoLab had 33,000 members from more than 150 countries . NASA, World Bank, Union of Concerned Scientists, many universities and other government agencies are involved in the project. The project aims to combine all the possibilities of human beings to fight against climate change. Social, political, economic, and engineering solutions are reviewed.

Since co-browsing is not yet available and Cloud Communities and Cloud Touch should already be included in various service cloud versions, the $ 50 surcharge currently only applies to the chat feature. A request to clarify the pricing was confirmed by “Mobile Chat is $ 50 per user per month”.

Once this new regulation is in force, member states will no longer have the right to impose the storage and processing of digital data in their territory or in another EU territory. The risks to national security will be the only exception.

On the other hand, in the case of non-dissociable personal and non-personal data , the RGPD will prevail as for personal data. The data produced by public authorities and bodies participating in the “internal organization of the Member States” will not be affected by this new regulation either.

The text has already been negotiated with the states, and is expected to come into force by 2020 . However, it must first be formally adopted by the Council of Ministers.