Proper handling of mobile apps in the B2B environment

Mobile apps pose a challenge in business, especially when they are not supposed to be public, but are not meant for employees.

The administration and distribution of publicly available consumer mobile apps (B2C) is currently being handled by app stores such as Google Play, Microsoft’s Marketplace or Apple’s iTunes. The same task is performed on in-house (B2E) mobile apps by the in-house Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Both variants are solid, sustainable and established in practice.

But how can mobile apps be disseminated that are not publicly accessible and not exclusively intended for employees of your own company, such as apps for partners, suppliers or selected customers (B2B)?

Mobile apps are increasingly being used in the extended business environment. Initially, these apps were mainly used as marketing and input tools for internal use, opening up many other uses in the B2B environment. These are, for example, mobile apps for suppliers to be able to send data directly to the purchasing department, or apps for a maintenance partner who needs to retrieve up-to-date information about the device to be maintained on their mobile device.

Previously, this was done using dedicated hardware, while today anyone with their corporate or private device, whether smartphone or tablet, can run these mobile apps. In doing so, the employee may have apps installed by both business partners and his own company on the device.

Looking at the question of the distribution routes of the mobile apps, the various requirements of the parties involved become clear:

Safety requirements

App providers:

Safe distribution

Control who can download the app

Control who can use the app

Security of the data provided

Access to internal servers of the app provider

App management

App providers:

An app distribution management tool, independent of the target platform

Easy notification to all users of the app about a recent update

An overview of who downloaded and used the app

App Users

Easy to get the app

Timeliness of the app

For distribution, the existing possibilities of the Public App Store, MDM system and its own Mobile Application Management System (MAM) are available.

Fortune 1000: Big Data and AI scare big business

The Fortune 1000 giants are now shaking in the face of “data-driven” young companies. Faced with this new threat, the world’s largest organizations plan to increase their investments in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

According to a study conducted by NewVantage Partners, 91.6% of Fortune 1000 companies plan to boost their investments in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in 2019. Similarly, 91.7% of executives surveyed believe that these investments are necessary to stay agile and competitive

However, what motivates Ford, General Motors, Mastercard, or American Express to invest in these new technologies is not necessarily the opportunity to reap the benefits of data analysis such as understanding customer expectations or trends in data technology. market.

In reality, these investments are mainly motivated by fear . The fear of losing a long-established hegemony for the benefit of newer companies already using AI and Big Data. In fact, 75% of the companies surveyed say that their investments are guided by the fear of “data-driven” competitors.

On the contrary, analytics tools in Big Data offer cybersecurity professionals the ability to analyze different types of data from various sources and react in real time . These tools not only gather information, but also connect this data, and establish correlations and connections. This makes it possible to increase efficiency and counteract cyber attacks more easily.

While companies can understand how to use modern technologies to protect data, big data is an obvious opportunity . The two main benefits of Big Data today are the optimization of sales and marketing strategies through access to customer data, and the detection of fraud or the replacement of cybersecurity management systems. ‘business.