Optimize SAP development in a distributed system landscape

Stadtwerke München (SWM) is one of the largest infrastructure service providers in Germany. Just as powerful and complex is the available IT to support the business processes. In the distributed system landscape, separate IT systems are used for development and productive operation.

Stadtwerke München (SWM) is one of the largest infrastructure service providers in Germany. The company supplies the Bavarian capital of Munich and the surrounding region with electricity, natural gas, district heating, water and telecommunications solutions, as well as an extensive public transport system and 18 indoor and outdoor pools.

Operating such a large infrastructure requires powerful IT to support business processes. Among other things, Stadtwerke München focuses on solutions from SAP . The applications are further developed and maintained by the subsidiary SWM Services GmbH. Separate IT systems are used for development and productive operation, according to the principle of a distributed system landscape.

Such a distributed SAP landscape is particularly important for the utility industry: Only by setting up additional development and test systems in addition to the classic 3-system landscape (maintenance landscape) can the stricter documentation requirements of the regulatory authorities in the framework of unbundling requirements in the energy sector be realized and safety and stability of the productive system.

Optimize SAP development 

ASH-100: ASH-100 is the first hardware platform to offer the highest capacity hard drive (12TB hard drive) and SSD (1.9TB hard disk) in a hybrid hybrid storage system. Can combine multiple types of HDD and SSD with the need to meet specific work requirements. Coupled with the requirements of the customer, the ASH-100 can be configured with the ASD-100 or can be supplied with the ActiveStor Director Blend.

PanFS 7.0: The latest version of the plug-and-play parallel file system features the FreeBSD update feature and the graphical user interface supports asynchronous push notifications for system changes without the need the interaction of the user.

DirectFlow Client: DirectFlow Parallel Data Access Protocol grow 15 percent improved throughput due to motivatio to memory allocation and readahead. When service is upgraded to the new PanFS version, all ActiveStor models will benefit from this performance boost.

Availability: ASH-100 is currently shipping. ASD-100 and PanFS 7.0 will be available in Q1 2018.

Panasas will launch the new ActiveStor solution in store # 671 at this year’s SuperComputing conference in Denver, Colo, established from November 12th to 17th.

However, when operating such system landscapes, the SAP Basis Administration faces a number of new challenges: Parallel development systems must be regularly reconciled with the maintenance landscape. The manual execution of the necessary steps is very time-consuming and error-prone.

Often, complex Excel spreadsheets are maintained to accurately document what changes have been made to which system and application. This creates the risk that error corrections and interface changes will not be taken into account during the rollout of new developments and that critical business processes will no longer be available.

At Stadtwerke München, the SAP developers therefore needed a software tool that largely synchronizes the various SAP systems and controls the import of Support Packages.