OpenTouch Suite for Cloud for Efficient Collaboration as a Service

The new generation of mobile and application-oriented employees presents companies with major challenges in delivering cost-effective and flexible communication services. Alcatel-Lucent offers them a new solution portfolio designed to facilitate migration to the cloud and support the adoption of cost-saving business models

The communications company is supplementing its OpenTouch products for small, medium-sized and large companies with the OpenTouch Suite for Cloud . This enables companies to meet the high expectations of modern workplace communication triggered by smartphones, tablets and the BYOD trend.

The new offering includes three segmented solutions:

 Enterprise Cloud, Office Cloud and Personal Cloud. The first solution in the suite, the OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud Solution, is now available. This opens up a new business field for service providers , systems integrators and business partners. They can offer companies the new Alcatel-Lucent solution portfolio Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS). For Evan Kirchheimer, Enterprise Practice Leader at the analyst Ovum, UCaaS is still in its infancy. The research showed, however, “that ICT executives are more likely to leverage private and public cloud solutions for new investments in unified communications than unmanaged, location-based collaboration solutions.”

The OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud Solution combines OpenTouch’s conversation application with the OmniPCX Enterprise solution, enabling collaboration via telephony, video, instant messaging, conferencing, and cloud collaboration. The hardware-independent, pure software suite is easy to implement thanks to complete virtualization and according to the supplier with low operating costs. The special architecture makes it possible either to provide all the functions from the cloud or to use them as a supplement to an existing subscriber-based telephony infrastructure with minimal downtime.

According to Alcatel-Lucent President Michel Emelianoff, the OpenTouch Suite for Cloud will be complemented by additional cloud-based solutions: “This announcement is only the beginning of our efforts to bring companies closer to the cloud. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is committed to providing cloud solutions with a variety of approaches, whether as a business or as a user model, to give businesses access to cloud services. “

Multilayer perceptron: the direct propagation neural network

At the time of its creation, the perceptron was expected as a major advance for the development of artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the technical limits were quickly reached. For good reason, a single-layer perceptron can only separate classes if they are separable in a linear fashion .

However, later, it was discovered that a multilayer perceptron could classify groups that are not separable linearly . It therefore solves problems that single-layer algorithms can not solve.

Thus, a multilayer perceptron (or multilayer) is a type of formal neural network organized in several layers . The information flows from the input layer to the output layer. This is what distinguishes the multilayer from the monolayer, which has only one output to which all inputs are connected.

It is therefore a feedforward network . Each layer is composed of a number of variable neurons. The neurons of the last layer are the outputs of the global system.