New Citrix Podio App for Android Delivers Seamless

With a redesigned app , Android users can now access the Citrix-powered Podio collaboration platform. This allows workspaces and podio apps to be used while on the move.

Users have access to the same podio apps as the web version of the service. There are currently 700 free Podio apps available on the Podio App Market .

Podio is designed to combine collaboration and business processes to provide a “more interactive and social alternative to spreadsheets, documents and e-mail.” In concrete terms, project managers could use the “Simple Project Management” app within Podio, for example, to track the progress of their projects, to edit and comment on the content and to inform team members in a workspace about the respective work status.

Alan Lepowsky, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, said: “Podio makes it easy for teams to work with each other from a wide range of mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, as well as providing access to status updates but on all features of Podio Apps. “

Podio for Android is available via Google Play. As before, there is also a corresponding iOS app for iPhone and iPad. Podio can also be used via web browser. With limited functionality, the collaboration platform is available for free; The premium version of the service costs $ 8 per user per month.

SAP delivers HANA Cloud via AWS

SAP brings the High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) to the Amazon cloud, fittingly calling it SAP HANA Cloud. In addition, the software vendor wants to support developers even better than before and supplies specialist users with software as a service (SaaS) via the AWS marketplace.

The core offerings of SAP HANA Cloud initially include:

SAP HANA AppServices: The services are designed to help Java developers develop business applications. SAP announces a selection of shared services for portals, integration, mobile, analytics, collaboration and commercial services. As the first generally available application service, the manufacturer calls SAP NetWeaver Cloud. For this purpose, SAP now wants to distribute unlimited development licenses.

With SAP HANA DBServices, users and developers should be able to implement a HANA environment within minutes. SAP HANA One is the first offering on the Database as a Service. HANA One is provided via AWS and costs $ 0.99 per hour. In addition, there are still 2.50 US dollars per hour for an “EC2 Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large” instance with 60.5 GB of RAM and the usual fees for data transfer and Elastic Block Store (EBS).

SAP also introduces a SaaS on the AWS marketplace under the name “SAP Enterprise Performance Management On Demand for Expense Insight” . This gives department heads at any time a real-time insight into current issues, advertises the manufacturer and calls for this hourly rate of $ 0.49.

Certainly, AWS dominates, but much of that domination comes down to a seven-year-old gifted for it by legacy infrastructure vendors and current cloud candidates. The legacy providers, in fact, doomed (although “doom” takes decades to occur in the enterprise). But cloud rivals like Microsoft and Google? Game on!