Mobile App Device and Policy Management for BYOD 2.0

The F5 Mobile App Manager, which is expected to be available from June 2013, will combine the policy management and secure delivery of BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) applications with the scalability of a SaaS offering. Unlike previous “BYOD 1.0” Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, the F5 Mobile App Manager would only connect enterprise applications to the network and manage only applications on a mobile device-not the complete device.

Employees could use their mobile devices for both personal and professional purposes without companies seeing their personal information. IT managers would no longer be involved in managing mobile devices, but they would retain control of access to their network, monitor vulnerabilities and protect corporate information.

Device and Policy Management

Available for Apple iOS and Google Android, F5 Mobile App Manager provides password-protected and encrypted enterprise applications, a secure Internet browser, and an App Store from which to download enterprise applications and corporate content. Administrators can more easily manage devices and enforce policies with F5. Using the management console, organizations could manage individual devices and device groups, take back applications and data, submit them, and lock or unlock the secured workspace instead of the entire mobile device.

Typically, Business Intelligence data is stored in data warehouses, or in smaller data marts. In addition, Hadoop systems are increasingly used within BI architectures as data directories, especially for unstructured data, log files, sensor data and other types of big data .

Before being used for BI applications, raw data from different source systems must be integrated, consolidated and cleaned using data quality data integration tools to ensure that users analyze accurate data. and consistent.

In addition to BI managers, business intelligence teams typically include BI architects, BI developers, business analysts, and data management professionals . Business users also join the teams to represent the business side and ensure that the needs of the firm are found in the BI development process.

As a result, a growing number of companies are replacing traditional development with an Agile BI and data warehousing approach using Agile software development techniques to divide BI projects into small parts and offer new functionality to end users. . This approach enables organizations to deploy BI functionality faster to refine or modify business plans as business changes or new needs emerge and become priorities.

The F5 Mobile App Manager app wrapper’s capabilities are designed to help companies quickly and easily secure both internally-developed and third-party applications before they are used by employees. Using the F5 Mobile App Manager with the BIP-IP APM could create secure VPN applications for businesses. Because the BIG-IP APM uses only employee data, the risk of identity theft would be reduced.

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According to the manufacturer, companies with the F5 Mobile App Manager have no way to access and delete personal data and content should the mobile device be stolen or lost. It is also not possible to restrict device functions – for example the camera. The F5 Mobile App Manager would also require little storage space and would not affect battery life.

Cost savings

The F5 Mobile App Manager is a hybrid cloud solution, whereby costly devices and infrastructures can be avoided according to F5. A time-saving factor is that only in-house content should be managed instead of individual devices. Companies that previously used MDM solutions could save on VPN costs because they would only have to handle business-related traffic.


Companies can set up the F5 Mobility App Manager to their own needs. The BIG-IP APM, which supports up to 200,000 concurrent users, is designed to ensure a cost-effective mobile infrastructure.

Mobile App Manager as a service

In addition to corporate customers, distribution partners and carrier service providers should also be able to benefit from the F5 Mobile App Manager. Resellers could quickly make the solution available to their customers as a service – adding F5 to their existing BIG IP APM developments without any changes to the infrastructure or on-premises installations. Carrier service providers could resell the F5 Mobile App Manager as a managed service.