Managed and Cloud Services by Colt is cloud-based services

Colt Technology Services will be the first service provider to implement a Europe-wide “vCloud” platform based on the current version 5.1 of VMware. That’s what makes Colt the operator of the largest and most comprehensive vCloud data center service in Europe.

Based on this enhancement, Colt complements its offering with backup and disaster recovery services for the vCloud. These were tailored specifically to the needs of the channel partners.

With the availability of Colt vCloud Services across Europe, customers in each country within the provider’s own network have access to enterprise cloud services from Colt data centers in the UK, France, Spain, and Germany. In particular, these services provide flexibility in terms of networking, storage, and commercial usage models. These should then be even better adapted to the individual needs of customers than before.

“We are delighted that Colt, based on our excellent strategic relationship, has chosen to become one of the world’s first service providers to deploy VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 for its pan-European enterprise cloud platform ,” said Gavin Jackson, Director, vCloud and Service Providers , EMEA, VMware. Colt became the first vCloud Datacenter Service Provider in EMEA and has since expanded the service geographically the most.

Managed and Cloud Services by Colt

Colt operates a 43,000-kilometer network in 22 countries, including Metropolitan Area Networks of 39 major European cities with direct fiber links to 18,000 buildings and 20 Colt data centers (one of which is under construction). In 2010, the company introduced “Colt Data Center Services”. These are designed to deliver innovative, high-quality modular data centers that can be deployed quickly and are energy-efficient.

In addition to direct sales, Colt has four indirect marketing channels: agent, franchise, distribution and wholesale (including carriers, service providers , VAR and voice resellers).

Now, Colt has developed several complementary services that enable resellers to design and operate business continuity solutions for their customers. These services provide Colt’s specialty retail community with the ability to implement backup , recovery and disaster recovery solutions for vCloud services.

Proof of concept

In addition, Colt has teamed with Symantec and Zerto to create a proof of concept to be presented this week at VMWorld Europe 2012, the European convention for VMware.

  • Leveraging object storage in order to have replicated data in +2 regions
  • Leveraging cold storage (archive, such as Glacier) to retain critical data in several sparse regions; sometimes the price to pay to break the minimum retention policy and request a restore Is worth in order to bring a production environment up
  • Using the APIs and SDKs for automation, by creating HA and failover tools, automation can transform systems into autonomous systems that take care of failovers by themselves, mixing this with anomaly detection can be a game changer. Do not rely so heavily on dashboards – most things can/are, and some must, be done behind the curtain
  • Nobody says it is necessary to stick to one cloud: with the power of orchestration and cloud providers, it is simple enough to have infrastructure in more than one cloud at the same time, running comparisons and if necessary switching providers
  • Using tools to test the resilience of the infrastructure and the readiness of the engineering team – faking important failures in the architecture can yield massive learning