License management optimized in App Portal

Flexera makes the App Portal an integral part of FlexNet Manager Suite and AdminStudio Suite. It provides companies with improved license management and more convenience in submitting and tracking orders.

With the App Portal , Flexera helps companies set up enterprise app stores and offer self-service services to employees. A now released upgrade integrates the solution more closely with other solutions from the vendor.

So App Portal now gets data from the FlexNet Manager Platform. The number of purchased, used and still available licenses is taken into account. With this data, workflow processes can automatically forward and process requests. In addition, App Portal filters requests for business groups, such as departments, cost centers or countries. It is designed to help organizations implement and manage software access and costing rules more easily than before.

Furthermore, App Portal is more closely linked to AdminStudio Suite, a solution for compatibility testing, application packaging and migration . Flexera’s customers should now be able to transfer packaged applications quickly, efficiently and automatically to their own provisioning systems.

License management optimized 

Finally, with the updated App Portal, Flexera aims to provide greater convenience in submitting and tracking orders. Employees are now allowed to group multiple requests into one order. In addition, software and hardware articles can be bundled into packages – if individual components are usually ordered together or are interdependent. As a possible application, the provider calls the initial equipment of a new employee.

The regulation of the protection of personal data is a vast debate. In the European Union, the RGPD has entered into force since May 2018 . By contrast, in the United States, there is still no similar law at the national level. Only California has passed its own law.

The giants of Silicon Valley have their opinions on the issue. In early 2018, following the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal, Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed to be a supporter of self-regulation . With the help of a strong formula, he said at the time that “the best regulation is the absence of regulation”.

Thus, the CEO of Apple is now convinced “that it is inevitable that there is a certain level of regulation “. He also predicts that “the Congress and the administration will someday pass something”. For the first company to have reached $ 1 trillion in market capitalization, there is no longer any doubt that an American RRP will come sooner or later.

However, this concept is not to everyone’s taste . Thus, in October 2018, the organizer of the CES in Las Vegas considered that the European Union gives too much importance to data protection. According to him, the RGPD may slow down technological innovation . There is no doubt that the adoption of such regulations in the United States will raise a great deal of controversy.