ISVs and the rocky road to transparent cloud offerings

Service providers of cloud solutions and ISVs are still focusing too much on traditional facts rather than economics when advising medium-sized cloud users. Especially the bosses of smaller companies want more transparency and dialogue in the implementation of cloud projects.

These findings were followed by a roundtable discussion with SME and ISV executives, led by the US IT consulting and analysis company Saugatuck Technologies in Frankfurt am Main. The aim of the event was to intensify the dialogue and understanding between ISVs and SMEs, especially with regard to growth and evolution in the cloud .

A total of 20 executives from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and regional small and medium-sized enterprises participated in the discussion. The event was designed to further develop and promote the dialogue, understanding and interaction of growth and business opportunities in cloud computing between IT managers in SMBs and their ISVs. The event was co-sponsored by IBM. Moderator Frank Sempert, Senior Program Executive Europe at Cloud ComputingSpecialized consulting firm, it was important to bring the specific business requirements and cloud concerns of SMEs into the consciousness of the ISVs. On the other hand, the SME presenters should learn a lot about the cloud plans and the portfolio of the German ISVs and how costs can be saved and the operational flow improved.

Understand customer wishes

Data privacy and privacy protection are top priorities for all IT and executives , not only in Germany . As a result, users and regulators in many, if not most, markets outside the United States pay even more attention to data protection and privacy. It is not surprising that these topics dominate the cloud discussion among small and medium-sized companies. But Saugatuck’s global market research clearly shows that the business model of the cloud helps to understand the business understanding of established ISVs in all regionsand markets to “cloud” more than to create a free view of proposed solutions and project implementations. Most vendors still can not properly assess their business, their offerings and their value to their customers. Therefore, they usually fall back on old-fashioned and argue with proven sales arguments such as speed, functionality or price.

Powder data storage: the invention that will replace USB sticks

Powdered data storage is an idea that might seem totally surreal. And yet researchers at the University of Ghent, Belgium, have managed to develop this technology. An innovation that could replace USB sticks and hard drives in the not-so-distant future …

In nature, data storage is ubiquitous. The genetic information is stored in the DNA of humans, animals or even plants. Inspired by this natural phenomenon, researchers in chemistry, biochemistry and computer science at the University of Ghent, Belgium, have developed a revolutionary new data storage technique 

Thanks to their invention, it is possible to store light information such as a QR code or a short text in powder form . The data can then be deciphered through a biochemical analysis method through a computer program developed by the researchers.