Isolated, dedicated virtual cloud environment for rent

IaaS provider LeaseWeb complements the cloud portfolio with a reliable virtual network solution that allows customers to set up secure instances within a true private virtualized server environment. Virtual servers are now available for a monthly price of € 7, and the LeaseWeb Cloud starts at € 13 a month.

LeaseWeb extends its cloud offerings with “true private virtual networking”, where customers can completely shield their cloud infrastructure from the public Internet. For example, each LeaseWeb cloud instance has two IP addresses – a public IP to connect the instance to the Internet, and a private IP (RFC-1918) to communicate within the virtual network. The public IP is statically linked to the private IP of the leased instance. This allows customers to set up setups where only part of the infrastructure is connected to the public Internet, while the backend systems can communicate with one another without restriction.

Based on CloudStack technology, LeaseWeb leverages advanced hardware and virtualization solutions for its new Cloud Suite. In addition, the new cloud platforms are supported by a worldwide network with a capacity of 3.0 Tbit, according to LeaseWeb

As an example, LeaseWeb will name the following configurations:

Virtual servers that rely on a fully redundant cloud platform. This platform uses an open source KVM hypervisor and fast network storage. If there are any errors or disruptions, the virtual server instances will reboot immediately from another hardware node, minimizing downtime. Each instance provides a complete system with processor, memory, network, hard drive, and operating system, as well as free firewall capabilities.

The LeaseWeb Cloud combines virtual computing resources with virtual networking with a true private virtual network. It allows advanced settings where only part of the cloud is connected to the Internet, while the backend systems are free to communicate with each other. This includes free internal traffic over a private internet protocol. Thus, the customer is only charged for the traffic going into or out of the virtual network,

The private cloud provides a completely isolated, dedicated virtual environment of cloud resources. For customers with individual requirements, the private cloud architecture offers all the benefits in terms of performance, flexibility and agility of the cloud, while maintaining high security and compliance standards.

“A big advantage for our customers is that we can scale very fast, which gives us even more flexibility. It is not uncommon for companies to use a ‘private network’ that they unknowingly share with other companies, or to hide additional costs behind it. With our new cloud offering, our customers can now completely shield their cloud infrastructure from the public Internet for a very low, fair price. This allows our customers to fully focus on setting up an ideal cloud environment, “said Robert van der Meulen, Cloud Manager at LeaseWeb.

Virtual servers are now available at LeaseWeb for € 7 a month, and LeaseWeb Cloud starts at € 13 a month. More information, configuration options, and pricing are available from LeaseWeb on the Internet .

A widespread concept

The concept of collective intelligence is used in sociology, computer science, but also in the field of business. For Pierre Lévy, it is a form of universally distributed intelligence, which is constantly improving, coordinating in real time and resulting in an effective mobilization of skills . The foundation and purpose of this form of intelligence is the mutual recognition and enrichment of individuals rather than the worship of hypostatized communities. In the eyes of Pierre Lévy and Derrick de Kerckhove, it refers to the capacity of computer technology networks to deepen the collective pool of social knowledge by simultaneously extending the scope of human interactions.