How to provision desktops in the cloud – secure desktop computing service

The maintenance of workstations consumes a large part of the IT costs in many medium-sized companies. Managing outsourcing and endpoints from the cloud can be cheaper. Pironet NDH offers a suitable solution with Managed Desktop.

For many medium-sized companies, Pironet NDH sees the possibility of significantly reducing IT costs with a managed desktop solution from the cloud . The most diverse devices can be centrally supplied with system updates, patches and software updates. An individual care of individual devices is eliminated.

The solution can be used in both local installations and virtualized IT workstation environments. Thus, according to Pironet NDH, the maintenance effort of the IT landscape in the company can be reduced.

Access to new applications Google Cloud Platform

With Managed Desktop, Pironet NDH provides its customers with a selection of business applications that can be used much like an App Store. An installation can be carried out individually by the user or in a push process centrally on all company computers.

As for the new GPU pricing, it’s clear that Google is looking at this feature at developers who want to run their own PCs to learn their cloud workloads, although there are some applications. – including physical and molecular modeling – from the hundreds of cores that are now available on these GPUs. The P100, an official version still in beta testing with the Google Cloud Platform, features 3594 cores.

Developers can add up to four P100 and eight K80 die per case. Just like regular virtual machines, GPU users will also receive a long-term discount, although most users may not keep their GPU running for months.

It’s hard not to see this announcement in the light of the forthcoming AWS development conference, which will occupy most of the Las Vegas hotel conference space next week. AWS is expected to make some announcements about AI and machine learning, and we will probably see some price cuts from AWS.

The company also reduced prices for local SSDs before nearly 40 percent. “Preemptible local SSDs” refers to the local SSD associated with the Google VM priority. However, you can not attach GPUs to pre-order cases, so this is a nice little money notice – but it will not directly benefit the GPU users.

Data security

The Managed Desktop solution from Pironet NDH also ensures security . The entire operating system and application landscape is stored centrally in the provider’s business cloud. After a defect or loss of a terminal, the entire system can easily be transferred to a new one. Google today announced that it will cut Nvidia’s Tesla GPU usage through its Computing Tool by 36 percent. In areas in the US, the use of the older K80 GPU will cost about $ 0.45 per hour, while using the newer and more powerful P100 will cost $ 1.46 per hour (all available invoices per second).

According to Pironet NDH, a so-called virtual client-hosted environment is suitable for notebooks where a local installation of the operating system is encrypted on the hardware side and permanently backed up in the cloud. In the event of a loss or theft of the device, third-party users will not be able to access the system and applications.

Managed desktops can also be used to manage virtualized workspaces, such as those provided by thin clients.