How is decrease the net neutrality affect enterprise cloud computing?

Tibco is following the BYOD trend and is introducing Silver Mobile 1.0, a solution designed to facilitate the development and management of mobile applications. At the same time, Tibco is updating the cloud platform Silver Fabric to version 5.0.

Tibco Software announced Tucon Silver Mobile 1.0 and Silver Fabric 5.0 during the annual user conference. Tibco Silver Mobile is designed to accelerate the development of easy -to-use mobile enterprise solutions and the latest version of the Tibco cloud platform Silver Fabric 5.0, among other things, allows a new operating model for Platform-as-a-Service offerings.


Small companies should check that their bandwidth is limited by the new FCC rules, but businesses are generally not affected.

I hate writing about politics because of polarizing topics. However, I have had enough questions about the neutral issue that I feel the reader of  InfoWorld needs some preliminary instructions on its effectiveness for enterprise-level cloud computing.

The US Federal Communications Commission abolished the network neutrality rules that it passed only two and a half years ago. This move has brought many people across the border, about its potential impact on consumers, small businesses and small websites. Moreover, there is a lot of speculation that prices for internet streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video can increase dramatically.Tibco Silver Mobile 1.0 is designed to facilitate the development and management of mobile applications and accommodate the trend towards using your own mobile devices (Bring Your One Device) in businesses. With a simple client interface, applications can be designed, centrally distributed and managed, according to Tibco.

Secure access

“Mobile devices have changed the way they work. Businesses recognize that they need to quickly develop and deploy critical mobile applications to increase productivity and give employees real-time, secure access to corporate information, “said Matt Quinn, CTO of Tibco Software.

“Tibco Silver Mobile 1.0 is a breakthrough in the development of mobile platforms, allowing companies to develop exactly those end-user strategies that are critical to customers and employees with a high affinity to mobile applications.”

Cloud enterprise platform

With Silver Fabric 5.0, Tibco unveiled a new version of its cloud platform, which includes a new operating model for Platform-as-a-Service. In addition, Silver Fabric 5.0 enables companies to build their own app stores, bringing the successful model of a consumer app store to the enterprise platform .

The FCC Rules of 2015 prohibit broadband providers from blocking or slowing down web traffic. However, they never include business internet services, which are usually provided through custom arrangements. The 2015 rules protect small businesses from accessing the internet.

Republicans, including FCC president AjitPai, have long criticized the rules of neutrality because of unnecessary, costly regulations for internet service providers. Indeed, the Republicans have argued that the rules encourage investment in broadband networks. This is based on the assertion that regulations restrict the types of ISP business models that can be deployed.

Although many technology companies have supported the current rules of neutrality, there are a few that do not. Technology vendors such as Oracle and Cisco Systems have pushed the FCC’s 2017 plan to cancel the net neutrality. 2015 rules do not encourage investment in broadband, senior vice president of Oracle, Kenneth Glueck, wrote in a letter to the FCC.