Holistic approach of technology and data management.

Kramer & Crew can look forward to the 2011 quality prize. The Software Initiative Deutschland eV (SID) honored the IT company in the High Availability Solutions category.

Valentina Kerst, President of SID, emphasized the high quality of service of the company at the presentation of the prize to Managing Director Uwe Kramer. The vendor-independent system integrator offers a comprehensive range of services around the topics of consolidation

Virtualization and data management.

The SID jury was particularly impressed by the so-called CrewService modules, which are available to customers according to their individual requirements. These include, for example, a 24/7 on-site service or disaster recovery services.

Kramer & Crew also scored points with their holistic approach to technology and service. According to the SID, the CrewCloud is a good example of this. Unlike cloud computing in the Internet, this is a “private cloud” in the form of a highly available, multi-redundant data center. With the newly developed “Proactive Real-time Monitoring”, Kramer & Crew also sets new standards in the management of modern IT infrastructure, according to SID.

“For long-term customer relationships, trust and satisfaction are the two most important criteria. For example, it is invaluable if the customer can trust that the use of technical innovations is safe for him, “SID President Kerst praised the award winner in her eulogy.

Since its foundation in 2004, the software initiative in Germany has established itself as the representative of the IT and Internet industry. With more than 300 member companies, mainly from the middle class, the association is particularly interested in the promotion of such companies.

An expert jury of the association, consisting of experienced industry representatives, awards the “Innovation and Quality” award several times a year. The application is the sole responsibility of the companies themselves to place themselves with comprehensive product and company presentations.

In a pre-selection, SID nominates companies in a wide range of categories with outstanding products or services. For example, the 2011 Innovation Prize or the 2011 Quality Prize is awarded in the categories IT Solutions Engineering, E-Commerce, Process Automation or IT Security.

Amazon Web Services 

Amazon Web Services has become the gold standard for cloud computing since its inception, but the relentless drive of parent companies into most areas of the economy is making some companies think. Twice on the use of the services of market leaders.

This technology has a way to go, says Manchon. “If you expect it to be like a human being, you may not get what you want,” she said, “but she predicts a significant improvement over the next few years.

AWS that was able to attract Smola in the first place meant a big change in the way it operated. Four years ago, he refused to work with Amazon because the company would not let him publish his research. Now he publishes regularly and AWS contributes to open source AI projects.

One thing that does not change is that Amazon is focused on customers, not the kind of academic research that Microsoft and Google. Anyone working for a new AI project at Amazon must first write a memorandum of the FAQ and a press release for the final product. That means nothing is built that is not directly aimed at meeting the needs of the customer. This approach is attractive to some of the scientists Amazon has hired, such as Soatto and Smola, because it is different from what they used in the academy.

– With the help of Jeremy Kahn