German companies are increasingly using cloud computing strategically

For the second time since 2010, PwC surveyed a total of 60 providers in the German cloud computing market about their experiences and expectations. Key findings are summarized in the PwC study Cloud Computing . Respondents continue to see cloud computing in Germany on the upswing and strategic engagement is also increasing. Nevertheless, the challenges remain on the supplier side, despite many improvements in the core persist.

83 percent of the surveyed German cloud providers said that they will expand the share of cloud services in the overall business in the next five years – ten percent more than in 2010. The share of private clouds in the supply of the surveyed providers in favor of the hybrid Cloud dropped slightly from 50 percent (2010) to 43 percent. The share of public cloud remained almost unchanged at about a quarter.

Cloud computing strategically

The surveyed providers have significantly increased their offer of software-as-a-service : 85 percent of the surveyed providers offer these services today. In 2010 it was just over half. Platform-as-a-Service and especially Infrastructure-as-a-Service have also become significantly more important in the last two and a half years. It is noteworthy that, in contrast to 2010, “cloud computing consulting services” are considered to be the most important side offer. Eighty-five percent of providers claim to provide such consulting services explicitly, while in 2010 this was only the case for every second provider.

The cloud users have also evolved. According to surveyed providers, after 20 percent in 2010, 33 percent of users are now developing a cloud strategy , which 37 percent will then integrate into their overall IT strategy. The German cloud providers also registered that users are increasingly using cloud services for value creation and innovation processes (48 and 42 percent, respectively). Fifty-seven percent of vendors continue to claim that their customers “almost always” or “frequently” insist on integrating cloud services with other digital trends such as big data, social media or mobile devices.

Better perception of risks

In terms of data protection and compliance, many providers see their biggest challenges. Here, too, there is an increase compared to the last survey (75 percent compared to 60 percent in 2010). Even greater is the leap in information security: here the value rose from 49 to 67 percent. However, it also shows that providers have evolved their cloud services for privacy over the past three years. To the question “In which countries are your computer centers or the servers on which the user data is stored?” 87 percent now answer with “Germany”; In 2010 it was only 55 percent.

Furthermore, it has been shown that providers continue to see information security and reliable service availability as key success factors for customer satisfaction: 93 percent (2010: 88 percent) cite ” performance of the service” and 85 percent “compliance with compliance requirements” (2010: 74 percent) as an important or very important success factor for their offers. The biggest leap in this regard was the contingency plan, which rose from 54 percent to 70 percent. However, economic aspects such as low costs or flexible, consumption-based payment models such as “pay per use” have become less important.

“The investigation has clearly shown that the German cloud computing market has evolved in recent years. Users are increasingly realizing the potential offered by cloud services and vendors are tailoring their services to better serve their customers’ needs. However, providers continue to be challenged to address privacy, information security and compliance issues, “commented Markus Vehlow, Partner at PwC.