Dell Deploys Cloud Client Computing with VMware View

Dell complements its Cloud Client Computing portfolio with Wyse Cloud Clients that support VMware’s PCoIP protocol and VMware View Local Mode. The cloud-based desktop as a service (DaaS), which is now available in Germany, also uses PCoIP and simplifies the setup and management of desktop virtualization solutions.

Dell’s new and enhanced cloud client computing solutions provide organizations with the simplified ability to deploy, operate, and manage virtualized environments with VMware.

Dell’s Desktop as a Service ( DaaS ) is now also available in Germany, France, the UK and the Netherlands. The Virtual Desktop solution supports the latest PCoIP protocol and is hosted at the Dell Data Center in Slough, UK.

With DaaS, businesses can focus on managing the operating system, their applications, and their user profiles. Dell ensures the high availability and reliability of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The solution offers great flexibility and is scalable from a few to thousands of users.

DaaS is available from 35 Euro per job per month. The actual costs may vary depending on the duration of the visit and the volume of data; The costs of the initial set-up should also be taken into account.

Dell DaaS optionally supports the PCoIP protocol, which is of interest to companies that already have a corresponding protocol strategy. PcoIP supports high-resolution multimedia applications, 3D graphics, multiple screens, and a wide selection of USB devices.

New cloud clients for VMware

Productivity: The new ActiveStor solution doubles the productivity by cutting data access times by half, regardless of the number of users.

Investment Protection: This solution is backward compatible with the ActiveStor portfolio.

Add technical information about components:

ASD-100: For the first time, Panasas offers a Director Blade (ASD-100), the brain of the Panasas storage system, to provide maximum flexibility. Customers can add any number of ASD-100s to go exactly the performance metadata they need. With the ability of the Director Blades to double the previous Director’s CPU and memory (random access memory), the ASD-100 doubled the metadata performance on the block workload metadata.

In addition to the ASD-100, the ASD-100 also serves as a gateway to standard data access protocols such as Network File System (NFS) and SMB. The ASD-100 uses unstable duo (NVDIMM) to store metadata records, and Panasas is focusing on contributing NVIDIA dual-channel memory controller (unstable) to the FreeBSD community.

The new cloud client Dell Wyse P25 can use two screens and is now available. Coming soon, the Dell Wyse P45 will also be available, with the ability to connect up to four monitors. Both PCoIP zero clients support a wide range of peripherals, deliver high- performance graphics-intensive applications, reduce bandwidth requirements in LANs and WANs through client side caching, and simplify the provisioning, management, maintenance, and operation of enterprise desktops.

In addition, Dell has added VMware-specific features to its compact and cost-effective Dell Wyse T50 ARM SoC thin client and Dell Wyse X90m7 mobile thin client. The T50 now supports PCoIP, delivering a high level of graphics and multimedia performance in VMware environments. The X90m7 Mobile Thin Client now offers support for the VMware View Local Mode under the Windows Embedded Standard 7 Premium operating system and enables mobile users to use the previously stationary session on the go.