A social network for corporate communications

Business Networks Europe relies on Clearvale from Broadvision, making it one of the first companies to use the cloud solution in Germany for corporate communications.

Business Networks Europe is one of the first companies to introduce the Clearvale e-business solution from Broadvision in Germany. The company expects improved communication and easy exchange of expertise for key business processes with the introduction of Clearvale.

The hybrid network solution will allow users to share in the cloud via a social network. Corporate communication is facilitated and accelerated by the social network solution, and decision-making processes are shortened.

Attendees can meet in the cloud, build relationships, exchange ideas and content, and learn from each other. With this solution, business processes such as meetings, telephone conferences or lengthy e-mail correspondence should be shortened or completely saved.

Safety for corporate communications

Less than half of the study participants consider their efforts helpful. 49% of respondents believe that the volume of data is too important. Nearly 33% do not collect enough data due to the lack of security of the adapted information systems. And 30% believe that the data are no longer relevant when they finally reach the head of cybersecurity.

The main challenge is finding people who can mine the data to improve IT security . Without qualified personnel, Big Data is not efficient enough to detect threats.

Job automation makes data available faster, and reports faster to the right people. Thus, analysts can classify and categorize threats by avoiding the delay that can make data useless . Big Data also allows analysts to visualize cyber attacks by simplifying complex data patterns in the form of data visualizations.

Clearvale allows administrators to determine whether participants within the network and / or outside the network can communicate with each other. For example, Business Networks Europe can invite customers to a secure workspace and communicate directly with them.

Business Networks Europe no longer has a corporate website and instead plans to use Clearvale as an external social initiative where communities, such as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and business-to-employee, all co-exist in a single social network can. The privacy and security of each group should be maintained, according to Broadvision.

Communication tool A social network 

“We are always looking for new ways to expand our existing portfolio of innovative services that we use throughout our organization. Clearvale helps us share expertise and information through a variety of components, all in a collaborative platform, “said Drs. Bhaskar Sanyal of Business Networks Europe GmbH.

“We expect Clearvale to continue gaining interest as it provides a true innovation for corporate social networks and a familiar user experience, with low integration costs. All these factors together make Clearvale a powerful communication tool. “

A challenge for businesses

Of course, new challenges arise every day in the area of ​​system security. Also in the MeriTalk study, 53% of companies say they use analytics technologies to strengthen their overall strategy, and 28% use them moderately .

Despite this, 59% of them say that the security of their business is compromised at least once a month because of an inability to analyze the data.