Why Breadcrumbs Are Now Very Important For Bloggers?

Do you know what is breadcrumbs? Its just a thing which help you to show your blog post’s links in very convenient way. Do you know? Nowadays, SEO has became more powerful and Blogger are needed to carefully research on what’s new in SEO and what changes they can make in their site to better SEO optimize their blog. Many peoples say that Breadcrumbs are SEO friendly but some says that breadcrumbs are not much SEO friendly and make your blog’s SEO poor. So today, to make it clear, I am going to show why breadcrumbs are SEO friendly and now, why they are important. Here, I am gonna create some posts in series. This is our first series so let’s see what are the titles in this series:

Why Breadcrumbs Are Now Very Important For Bloggers?

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Why Breadcrumbs Are Important Now?

I can say that breadcrumbs was not important in the past but now it is important. It is must when you are receiving 60-70% visitors from mobile (Android, iPhone, iOS etc.). Because now, Google shows breadcrumbs in mobile searches.


Now, how is it important? It is important because – If, your blog does not have any breadcrumbs installed with rich snippets, Google will still show breadcrumbs below your blog post’s title in search result but in a weird and wrong way in Mobiles. Google bots will pick up wrong links and show them in search results. And, the last thing which is dangerous to know is – this badly effect your blog’s SEO!

How It Badly Effect Your Blog’s SEO?

As I already told you that this badly effects your blog’s SEO. So how? Carefully see the image I shared below:

Can you see the highlighted squares? You can see the same if you search for the term you can see in picture above. The URLs (words) that I highlighted increase the chances of coming your blog in the first page of Google. But it only increase the chance if URL contain the keywords of the post which is related in any angle with the query of user. So, this can be done by Breadcrumbs (how?)

Let’s take an example that I am putted the post “I am a Blogger. Why?” in “Blogger” label. Okay? Now, a user search “Why I am a blogger”. Now, The label + the post title will increase chances of the blog of coming in the first page of search result. And, one thing is very good which is- after label in the breadcrumb, post’s title also shows. So, keyword in post title + keyword in second post title which is after label in breadcrumbs can double that chance!

What Is The Correct & Incorrect Search Results?

I think the two picture can do more than words. So look at the pictures below:
Note:- If you are looking for the solution of this problem, then wait for next posts in series. 

Final Words From Shivansh Verma

So friends, it was the end of this post. This is the one and only post available on internet describing this. So, if you enjoyed it, kindly share us in your social media profiles and also with your blogger family. Take care of yourself. Thanks!