What Are The Things That Can Make You A Pro-Blogger?

We have told you how to create a blog, what is Blogger and also, how to make a template and What is SEO in the series about “How To Become A Blogger”. Means, we have discussed basic things and advanced things about Blogger and how to be a Blogger. If, you implement these things in your blogger blog and yourself, you can be a pro-blogger. By the way, do you know what the term “Pro-Blogger” means? And, how to be a pro-blogger? In our today’s series post, we are going to tell you what is a Pro-Blogger and what are the things that are required to be a pro-blogger.

Firstly, let us know that was is the term “Pro-Blogger” mean:

What Is “Pro-Blogger” Or “Full-Time Blogger”?

Let’s begin with what is a pro-blogger or professional blogger or full-time blogger. Mainly a person who have a blog, gets a good income can say himself a “Pro-Blogger” and if he get revenues and posts more than one post a day can declare himself a “Full-Time Blogger”. Let’s first read out the characteristics of a Pro-Blogger or Full-Time Blogger that can help you in defining them and understanding them quickly.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Pro-Blogger?

  1. A blogger who have a blog.
  2. A blogger who is very active in Social Medias like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  3. A blogger who earns enough to live from his blog.
  4. A blogger who posts more than one post and replies at least every comment on his blog [Not necessary].
  5. A blogger is a pro-bogger or full-time blogger if he is like a “guru” or teacher for his blog’s visitors.
  6. A blogger who is not limited to his blog only.
  7. A blogger who has been featured on Radio or T.V. or has organised his television show.
  8. A blogger who gets a significant amount of re-tweets on Twitter likes on Facebook and +1(s) on Google+.
  9. A blogger who has an enormous amount of following in Social Medias.

How To Become A Pro-Blogger?

Here, I am going to tell you some ways by which you can be a pro-blogger. 

Be A Blogger!

Firstly, to be a professional blogger, it is important that he (the person who wants to be a pro-blogger) is an ordinary blogger already. We have already told you how to be a blogger. You can read these post to know what are the benefits of blogger, what is it and you can see the following short video by which you will get information about how to make a blog with blogger.


Understanding What Is Blogger And How Is It Useful For You

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Be Honest!

Yeah. For becoming a professional blogger, you should be honest and helpful to your visitors. You should help them frequently (only if they ask for help), and you should never copy even a sentence from another blog because it shows that you are lazy and not honest toward your blog and your visitors.

Be active on Social Sites!

As we have read above that, you can say yourself a professional blogger if you are active on Twitter or Facebook or Google+. The most important is Twitter. You should be active on Twitter and reply your followers very frequently (that’s why we are saying you to be active on Twitter).

Be an Investor

We know that investing leads to profit. Not everytime but in Blogging, profit’s chances are always good if you are hard working and honest towards your blog.

I mean by Investor is- 

  1. A blogger should buy a custom domain.
  2. He should purchase a hosting [not necessary].
  3. He should get a personal template or create one himself for his blog.
  4. He should give some things for free to his visitors as a gift to attract them.

Over To You!

Not we have read that what is a professional blogger or full-time blogger and what the characteristics of them and what are the needs to be a professional blogger. At last, I would like to say you to share this post because your one post can distribute this excellent knowledge towards the unemployed but skillful person of India. Use below sharing buttons are floating share buttons to share. Thanks!