Top 5 Ways From Where You Can Get Massive Traffic For Free

Well, we all know that 99% of the bloggers in the world create blogs for earning and if their motto is not earning beyond creating a blog, then it is receiving a lot of traffic. But, as you know, receiving a good amount of traffic is very tough these days. Every day, millions of blogs are being created, and some of them comes in the competition, but they too never get a big amount of page views until they are not advertising their blog or using any un-natural way to increase their traffic like black-hat tricks.

This is a bitter truth. That is, now, if you create a blog and publish thousands of posts without any means of attraction like the advertisement, guest posting or any other thing, you can’t even get 1000 of page views/a day after a lot of hard work. I am not disappointing you but telling you a truth.

Today, I am going to show you some “means of attraction” by which you can get traffic for free in a large amount. Today, I have some ways for you and those ways will help you to reach a new milestone.

Forums Of Your Niche

Nowadays, you can get thousands of discussion forums of your niche providing do follow backlinks and traffic if you use them efficiently.


Several quality forums are providing do follow backlinks to users if they perform well and help so many peoples in getting out of their problem. One of the forum I use to help many individuals is Blogger Help Forum. It is a friendly forum with helpful members. If, you continuously help Bloggers here, who are asking for help, you can get a do follow backlink from a PR4 domain. But, this forum works and give rewards to members according to their badges, their likes and getting 150+ likes is not a cup of milk.


And, you can get a lot of traffic if you publish the things in your blog on the right time that are trending in the forum and then provide links in replies saying that you can get your problem solved with this tutorial. This, indeed, not comes under “Spamming” if you have a limit. If, you are posting links without any means, just for backlinks and when they not needed, then you will be removed from the forum and then the truth is, you are advertising your blog and spamming on the forum. So, leaving links to discussions where, there is a need for it is a wise way to get high traffic towards your blog.

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Social Media

As you know, the simplest way to get traffic on your blog is social media. But this is going too common now, and now, bloggers who are sharing their content continuously on social media are not able to get a lot of traffic from it because now, peoples are habitual of it and have understood this way as “advertisement.” But do know? People clicks on ads too if they are interesting. Use infographics and robust title to attract new peoples towards your blog from Social Media. If used wisely, social media is an excellent source of traffic from blogs! All you have to do is, just add friends and followers of your niche. Your relatives on social media can’t help you to grow your blog. But, your friends who are blogger can! 


You can promote your blog on Twitter and Facebook at cheap rates. But, I am here to tell you freeways. So, the way is, in brief, use infographic, provocative title and excellent graphics with continuous sharing. That’s all you have to do in social media for getting a huge about of traffic!

How To Create Posts With “Attractive Title”?

Interesting (or attractive) titles are the post titles from which, the viewer fastly understand what post is is all about. Generally, “Top n” posts gets more pageviews from social media. So, try to create that like posts or creating posts about trending topic like “Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Meeting With Modi?”. Peoples in social media easily gets attracted towards these like titles and help you to get a massive amount of traffic!

Search Engines

Well, this is the most common way to get traffic towards your blog. Doing SEO for traffic from search engine is not an easy work. To get a lot of traffic from search engine, we need, Interesting Content, unique content, good design, responsive design and many other things. They’re not limited.


If you are an SEO expert, then you can easily rank well in search engine. The fastest way to rank in a search engine is, posting trending content.


Note: – Posting unique content that is not popular yet never helps in gaining traffic from search engines. It helps in increasing traffic from social media. For a search engine, trending content can do better magic.


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By Creating Free Templates

Templates, and theme also, can bring a lot of traffic if they are your own and have your blog’s credit link on a valuable and conspicuous place. For example, on footer with white color. Many developers in the world create templates and allow their subscribers to download it for free. Now, I can bet with you that 98% of that templates contain credits. 


Actually there are many benefits of creating a template and distributing it for free. Like:

  1. You get a do follow backlink;
  2. You get some traffic towards your blog;

Not only from templates, but you can also get high traffic by creating widgets and adding credits at the bottom of the widget. This will get a traffic boost because of backlink and also, some referral traffic because that’s a credit link!


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Using Autoresponders

As you now, nowadays, many subscribing services like GetSiteControl and MailMunch provide the “Autoresponder” feature when you go to a premium plan. It is, actually, also a way to increase your blog’s traffic if you use it wisely. You can put some URLs in autoresponder and make the message like:

Hi! Thanks for subscribing to my blog, [Blog Name]. We will send you our great posts within some days and until we do so, you can read out these useful tutorials:1- [Any Tutorial Which Has Attractive Title]
2- [Any Tutorial Which Has Attractive Title]
3- [Any Tutorial Which Has Attractive Title]
4- [Any Tutorial Which Has Attractive Title]
5- [Any Tutorial Which Has Attractive Title]
6- [Any Tutorial Which Has Attractive Title]

 Final Words

I hope you have loved the top 5 ways from where you can get massive traffic. If, you have other ways to get more traffic, please do share the ways. We will be glad to read it. At last, please remember that you will not see a traffic boost by following these tips within a day or two days. It needs some hard work, and I believe that you will do it! Thanks!