How To Promote Your Blog Post On Quora Without Spamming?

Quora, as you know, is like a social engagement website where people are so humble, love sharing their experiences and you’d find the solution to each and every common problem there. Whether you’re in depression, you’re sad, or you’re thinking about your future, or even if you want to find some reviews of your planned school/college/university, solution of everything is there.

So, when everything is there, then traffic is also there, and there are over 100 million monthly active users in Quora.

That was a brief description of what Quora is.

Now, how can we get traffic and readers from Quora without being called Spammers? Is there really a way? I think so.

The ways I think could work are explained below. 🙂

By the way, I don’t write on Quora. I just read answers there, and in this blog post, I’m writing about what I’ve observed in others’ answers.

Post Answers, But…with images (and…)


See, if you want to promote your blog on Quora, then getting the maximum number of views and upvotes is what you need the most.


Now, how will you get them? When you’ll write detailed and lengthy answers. Don’t write to promote. Write because you love it.


Now, what you can do is, you can use images in your answers, but with your watermark and your blog’s link in the description. Impressed observers/viewers of your reply may look at your blog.


This totally depends upon the effort you put on writing any answer. The more views and upvotes you get, the more will be the number of observers. 🙂

Use ‘Source’ & Your Blog Post’s Content To Answer Queries

If you want to promote your blog, then, of course, you have a blog, and you write on the same niche on Quora too.


So, why don’t you just use your own blog’s content to answer questions in Quora?


No, I’m not saying to copy and paste from your blog post to Quora, but, you can use some data that you’d found while researching for the same blog post.


For example, two months back, you were trying to know that what was the history for “Blogger” and after your research, you wrote in one of your blog post that the last post by real “Blogger” team (before Google bought it) was published on April 11, 2011.

Now, find on Quora for questions like “What was the history of Blogger?” or something like that and then, while answering, you can link to your blog post as “Source”, and that won’t be considered as “Spamming” because it’s actually not!

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Promote, Promote & Promote

This one doesn’t directly affect your promotion progress.


But, indirectly, and in the long term, it’s effective.


See, on a social site like Quora, answering is not enough.


To be able to get maximum upvotes every time you post (which is must, if you want to promote your blog post) a well-explained answer of yours (instead of waiting for the answer to go viral), you need to get followers.


I’m saying that don’t just create your profile on Quora because you want to promote. Create profile there, to learn, to share, to “achieve” followers also. It’s same as, if you’re doing blogging for money, you won’t get success but if you’re doing it for “achieving readers” or for passion, then there aren’t any limits for you and your success. 🙂

Final Words

I hope the two ways that I mentioned here would help you to promote your blog in the excellent website Quora. Want to remind, don’t just do promotion there, because, in Quora, you can learn a lot, give a lot and always, achieve a lot (respect). Thanks for reading!