6+ Things Your Visitors Could Hate About Your Blog & You!

These days, the word “Visitor” is used more for blog visitors and less for travelers. Well, Blogging has become a business these days which requires a lot of understanding and often, bloggers fail only because of no understanding (it’s not about the understanding of feelings of the audience, but the understanding of what they want, what they like/dislike.)

Do you know? Before two years, I was just a student (now I am a Blogger also, you know) and when I had started Blogging, I hated a few things about Bloggers and their Blog (and hate those things today too!). In this blog post, I am going to describe the same things and what actions I took to get out of that hate.

As I was just a “regular person” with a new blog and without any recognition in the web, the things I am going to share here should also apply to your blog’s audience also. So, try to ponder over the content here with your greatest concentration and try not to do these things in your whole life to keep your audience feel happy and lovely.

#1. Make Childish Grammar Mistakes

I can write English very perfectly!

And that’s the sentence, I dream to come true. Most of the Bloggers online do not have perfect grip in English, and they often fall into the well of unsuccessful Bloggers because of this reason. Go to a Blog, which is well known and admire the English of the Blogposts; they post there. You’ll find that English is far better than the Blogposts, that blog publishes has not been yet recognized or got its place on the web.

There are two types of Grammar mistakes:

  1. Advanced Grammar Mistakes
  2. Childish Grammar Mistakes

Advanced Grammar Mistakes means, errors in tenses, verb forms and in other things and Childish Grammar Mistakes are the mistakes which you study in class LKG/UKG/1st/2nd/3rd/4rth/5th in your school.

For example, I’ve seen Bloggers writing in their blog like:

I Too Have That Problem Bruh ! I Can Not Do AnyThing !

Aren’t these two sentences frustrating you? Well, they are, to me, at least.

After reading the sentences above, you would say that author’s keyboard didn’t own a full stop button. I would too. Then, every word is capital. Why? We have been taught since our childhood that the first letter of a word is always capital (only in case, it’s not the first letter of the sentence or any noun) and the use of full stop after every sentence and that author is using exclamation mark instead of full stop. How funny & frustrating is it. No? Yes, it is.

Since 2012, I’ve found so many blog owners writing in this way. If you are making grammar mistakes in verb form or tenses, then we can believe that okay, you’re a beginner, and soon, you would learn to write it supremely. But those stupid Grammar mistakes clearly indicate that you’re a newbie without any knowledge of English.

Now tell me, would you like to read a blog like that? No, nobody will. This was the greatest hatred inside me when I entered in “Blogging” niche. Reading those sentence are…ugh, so frustrating.

So, try not to make any such Grammar mistakes (I don’t think you do, but just reminding you). You can even make your audience’s experience better by using premium tools like Grammarly or proofreading by humans (there are thousands of ProofReading services are available online; just give them your article they would return it with correct English).

#2. Show Laziness In Approving Comments

Ok. So think a situation when you post a comment on a blog post with valuable words, that comment goes for moderation, and you check the post after a week and get no comment at all.


That’s the most irritating moment when you comment something nice, either to increase your exposure or just to add something valuable to the post and your comment didn’t approve by the author. Nah, not because he doesn’t like the comment but he is lazy about passing comments.


This is the story with almost all blogs with 1000+ views. This, well hurt. The hyperactiveness you show while writing blog posts, edit posts and promotion should also appear in the comments section. Comments are just the feeling of what your audience think about your blog and if you’re showing laziness about this awesome way to converse, then believe or not, you’re writing for robots and money; not for people and fame and the main motto should be to write for people and fame.


Some Bloggers only approve the comments of well-known people. Means, the ones who have 1K+ followers on Twitter and have been well recognized on the Internet. It is really the worst practice one could do in his blogging career. 


So, if you’re doing or practicing similar thing, then please stop and keep the energy up for the comments also. Your audience would feel great if you will provide them the important they deserve (because your blog isn’t more than a HTML document without them).

#3. Do Not Reply To Their Comments Even When They Deserve A Reply

So, now think again a situation in which you posted a 100 words comment in a blog post of a successful blogger. You bookmarked the blog post in order to see if you have got a reply. Next day–comment approved–no reply. You checked after a week, still, no response. #irritating |_(`_`)_|


It means for your audience a lot when you reply and approve their comment. It’s a clear sign of important. It reveals that you respect their views also and so, a reason for them to come again. Who do not like to be given respect? Everyone.


What these days successful Bloggers do is: Reply to the comments of Millionaires and famous personalities and for new Bloggers, “go to hell.”


Yes, I am not kidding with you. Being busy with other works, they just reply to the people who mean a lot to them and everyone. That’s also a reason why new Blogger feels it tough to come up in the Blogging niche because there’s no one to support them. It’s clear and straightforward.


So, if you are a successful blogger or get multiple comments per day, be sure that you reply them if they deserve an answer from you. Yes, you can ignore some comments like “Thank you” or “This was a fantastic post” or similar to that because people who post short comments (usually of > 30-40 words) never come back to see if their comment has got any reply or even if their comment has been approved.

[quote]When they deserve, reply the commenters on your blog posts.[/quote]

#4. Decorate Your Blog With Sharing Plugins Instead Of Colors

As you know, there are many many plugins available on the web today. For both, WordPress & Blogger. It’s been a fun work for programmers. They make the plugins for you. You install the plugin.


No, that should not go like this. You should be able to compare plugins and then choose the best ones according to their quality and power to attract the visitors. These days, I am seeing, most of the blogs have decorated their blog with sharing plugins instead of colors, images and posts. They keep asking their visitors to share their blog, and that’s a good thing! But when it is done in a limit.


Generally, a blog should contain a floating share plugin, sharing options after post and a pin it button on images (though we use all the buttons in pictures, these doesn’t appear at once). No more than that. But, they use 100s of sharing plugins. They keep frustrating the visitors to share the post, to join the subscribers’ list. Okay, a one-time pop-up is sufficient but, they keep the frequency of the pop-up as you would see it every time you see the page.


I don’t think that you are that kind of Blogger, but if you think you are, then it’s never too late to improve. Just limit the sharing plugins you use. You may notice a slight increase in shares! Yes. When people would not get frustrated and irritated, then of course, with your best content, they would get impressed and would likely, share the content.


There’s no need to put so many plugins for sharing. Whenever a visitor feels that the content deserves a share, then he himself finds the sharing options. You are not needed to remember him that there’s an option of share also!

[quote]Decorate your blog with the best knowledge you have, not with plugins and ads.[/quote]

#5. Do Not Provide Much Information About Every Aspect Of A Topic

Also known as “thin” content; name given by the search engine giant, Google. You know why Google ranks posts with 500+ words? And why pro bloggers recommend writing long content? It’s all because long content usually is the best content. When you write long content, you are likely to share your own experiences, the best knowledge you have and about everything about a particular topic and thus, end up with a great copy.


The new blogs of this century never give sufficient information about a single topic. They just provide the main-main lines that are likely not to satisfy the readers, and that’s why those blogs remain “new” all the time until they get deleted by the owner because of not getting pageviews and traffic.


Why will they get traffic when they do not provide sufficient information to the readers? You know, there are more benefits of publishing a giant piece. When you put all your efforts and create long content, it gets shares. Shares mean, exposure, then more shares and so, healthy for your blog and SEO, both. So, a plenty of benefits.


Sometimes, Bloggers often gets confused about what they should write in order to make the content longer, even I; when it is a recipe for food or a blogger widget. For this situation, I have some ideas for you. When you are about to write about a recipe, then add up the benefits the readers or the cookers are going to get. Write about the pros of the components you are going to use to make that food. For a Blogger widget, write about from which language it is made, then why the reader should use it, what he is likely to get in return and what precautions should he take while using the widget.

[quote]When you write long content with the best experiences you have, you write an excellent piece.[/quote]

#5. Put Ads Everywhere, Even Between Paragraphs

Tell me, which Blogger doesn’t like Ads? Now, which audience does? The answers would vary. Bloggers love Ads and audience hate them because bloggers earn from ads and audience get nothing from ads.


So, if I remember correctly, then I was irritated by this habit of every second blogger whose blog I had to visit to get some sort of information. These bloggers write for search engines and just for traffic. No matter if they satisfy their audience. They just want money, nothing else. They everywhere put advertisements of Adsense, BuysellAds, VigLink and, all in one blog. This irritates.


To those bloggers, I always wanted to ask- For whom you are writing, dear? For whom? Audience? And they are not even able to read you blog post quietly!


Typically, this type of problem is seen in Blogger blogs more than WordPress blog. It’s just because there are many plugins available for WordPress bloggers to do the advertisement work in a quite environment in a blog and themes also with ads support. In those blogs, the audience does not know when they helped the owner to earn (affiliates), and the audience enjoys the posts instead of ads. In Blogger blogs, you have no supportive plugins especially for Ads (except some, weak ones). So, people just add the ad codes where they want, and some add where they find an space.


The placement of Ads should be done professionally, and this should be done by template creators or professional developers only. If you would place the ads at unusual places, it might irritate visitors. Some blogs use Ad types: Popups, Banner Ads, Text Ads and with other Ads providers like InfoLinks and VigLink. Isn’t it too much? Yes, it is. So, in case you’re using more than two ad providers and many ads, kindly put them down. It’s healthy.

#6. Email Them About The Same Content Frequently

When I was new in blogging, I never knew this could happen. I just had to learn and for this, I subscribed some blogs; so that, they would feed me. But, slowly they started emailing me about the same content and their products and their personal life or a teasing story.


So? Is it the same thing I had subscribed for? And to make the matter even worst, they sometimes sent the same content and frequently.


The thing that irritated me was 20% same content, 30% often and 50%, they were all automated. Those emails ask about what you think of that email and when you send what you think about their email, nobody replies. It’s because, no “real” body sent that email to me, but, automated bots were those who sent me the emails and were scheduled by the owner. So, I unsubscribed. Simple.

Having a big subscribers list is nice, but when you tease them by sending emails frequently and promoting your products through them, this is worst. Anything can’t be worse than this. This irritate the subscribers and you see a drastic fall in the numbers of sufficient subscribers and some bad replies from your subscribers. Do you want to lose subscribers? Do you want to lose their trust? I know, no.

So, the next time you are sending any email to all of your subscribers at once (BCC), then firstly think 100s of time before clicking that “Send” button. Think about, should you send this to your subscribers? Won’t it waste their time? Is it really worth sending? If I were a subscriber, then would I liked to get this email? If most of the answers turn out are no, then it’s not too late to stop!

#7. Do Not ReTweet/Like The Share Tweets When They Mention You

Have you added any sharing option on your blog? Maybe… a floating bar? This one is about the same.


As I was a new blogger and anyone didn’t know me, I was starving for the “popularity”, and so, I thought to make an honest relationship with my fellow blogger, and I also made it. But, I hated a thing about most of the bloggers that:


They have added an option for sharing on Twitter, but, they are not on twitter or not very active. When I mentioned while sharing their posts and got no retweets or favorites/likes, then I had got stoned. Why one won’t retweet or like a tweet in which his own property is promoted and contain love? Why?


This very often irritates. If you too have a twitter account but are not very frequent in logging-in in it, then this may harm you. Your audience loves when you give them the importance, and there are thousands of ways to show that you care and for you, they exist, and this one is the second most important way! (first is comments)


That was the first case, well. But what if you don’t have a twitter account, then, make a twitter account or prevent the Twitter handle from being added when the visitors share you blog post on Twitter. This can help you a lot. Your audience will then understand that you’ve not been notified about they shared. So, that feeling won’t come in your visitor’s heart.


So, these were some of the things I hated when I was just stepping into blogging. Do you know why I posted this here? Just to warn you to keep yourself out of these things and concentrate on what you are interested. If you are blogging, then your concentration should be equal to all things. By all things, I mean:

You can prevent yourself to do such thing in order to keep your audience satisfied from your blog. I am sure that this post will help you to improve the environment for your visitors, and you’ve learned a lot from here. 🙂

By the way, have I missed a thing? When you were stepping into blogging, did you hate one more thing? Please, remind me in comments.