2Top 8 Writing Tips That Have Been Used By Professionals

Huh! We all write. We, Bloggers. But, I am sure that you always look the writing skills of a pro-blogger before reading his/her content. No? Okay, no problem; but I see. Looking into the writing skills of pro-bloggers, I always admire that they never do the things I have written just below. They just write things straightforward with some funny crisp that can entertain visitors. They write content with funny but informative and striking and colorful images and with an extended content, but they never give space to comical crisps and jokes between that content.

Today, I am going to reveal, what I have admired in the writing skills of professional bloggers or famous bloggers. Here, I have written eight things that professional bloggers always use and these things make their blog posts go viral. I advise you that while writing your next post, keep the tips I have mentioned below, in mind. This would help you to create great content!

Writing Tip 1. Don’t Try To Write Long Content

Well, now you would say that every blogger says that “try to write long content!” but you are not. Why?


You should re-read the sentence above. I have written- Don’t try to write long content. From this sentence, I mean, that you should make your mind write a content of good content. You should:

  1. Attempt to research about that topic;
  2. Try to write everything you know about it.

But you should not:

  1. Try to write the content long.

As I and you, both knows that long content always makes your reader lazy, before starting reading the content. Here is, let me tell you a thing:


Now, I think it is clear to you. That- if you try to write long content, you are creating boring posts but if you are attempting to write just post after proper research, you content will be automatically long.


And if, it is not long, just publish it as it is because you are writing content to be read by peoples, not robots and it’s not the truth that if you write little content, you are writing worst content. Sites, without any word but pictures, are at the top of the search engines. For example, take schools.aglasem.com.

Writing Tip 2. Utilise Ordered & Unordered Lists

You know? I am a greedy person. Greedy about how much things I can use in a post. That’s why, I always use ordered and unordered lists in every of my posts. Actually, not only because of this I use them, but I use them because they increase the readability of content. They are useful, and if you customize them using CSS well, then they look attractive too!


Use ordered lists and unordered list when you think:

  1. I have to write several things line-by-line;
  2. I wish to write various things starting from same words;
  3. I want to write a list.

And you can think more of them from your common sense.

Writing Tip 3. Proper Use Of Lowercase & Uppercase Letters

I think, surely, you have not thought about the capitals if you are not in front of your teacher ever. But in blogging, they are helpful too. I have seen many peoples, using uppercase letters poorly in their words. These types of grammatical mistakes do your impression poor and down the readability of the content, you are going to write. Such mistakes can often irritate the readers of your blog. So, kindly avoid such errors.

How to avoid such mistakes?

Here, I am going to tell you simple things that your nursery grade teacher might have said.


When you are writing a sentence:

Let’s move out to writing tip. 3

Writing Tip 4. Utilize Bold, Italics & Underline

As we know, in all versions of HTML, there is some options or say features:

  1. Bold;
  2. Italics;
  3. Underline.

But these days, bloggers are not or stopped utilizing these excellent features. Do you know? These three magic sticks can work for you for attracting reader’s eyes at different levels. Let us now know that which of them do what work:

  1. Bold: It is a simple feature of HTML language that make text bolder than the usual. This feature is useful if you wish to attract your reader’s eyes on particular words even if his eyes are on any part of the page.
  2. Italics: It is another simple feature of HTML language, but this one doesn’t make the text bolder but instead, it transform is text like it is going to sleep or going to lie on the road as if the word has drunk. =D
    It is useful if you want the eyes of your reader to gaze on a word for more than a second.
  3. Underline: It is another but powerful feature of HTML. It just draws a line below the letters of a word. It is useful if you want your reader’s attention in a particular word in a para.

Writing Tip 5. Describe Post In The First Paragraph

I think anyone would like to know what he is going to read first before reading all your content. So,  keeping or writing the description of the content you are going to write in the first paragraph or in starting, could be a wise thing and trick to draw your reader’s attention towards your content.

Writing Tip 6. Add Images With Some Text On It

Images are an auspicious gift of scientists for Bloggers to draw the attention of readers towards the post. But, these days, only pro-bloggers are utilizing it.


Let me tell you, how you can use images too for drawing your reader’s attention towards your content.


Images can:

Now, it’s would be very clear to you that how helpful are images. Now, let me tell you how to utilize images and how to make perfect pictures and put the power to force the reader to gaze on it.

  1. Create an image with any picture on background or with the background of your blog’s theme color;
  2. Put some information about the content you are going to write (write 4-10 words’ clue);
  3. Upload it, use it above the related text.

Now, you would see the effect of this very fastly. You can yourself analyze your mind about what you do when you see a lovely image related to the text below.

Writing Tip 7. Don’t Use A Word More Than Three Times/a Post

It’s a natural thing, and most famous grammar issue checker suggests that use of a word more that 3% of a content is not advisable, and it reduces the readability of the content. Using a word more than three times is a content is not search engine friendly too. So, try to use different-different words, I mean synonyms instead of using same words.


Like, if you have used pretty-pretty-pretty already in a post, you can, fourth time use “decent” or “perfect” or even “good”.

Writing Tip 8. Instead Of Numerical, Use Spellings

As we know, or, at least, I know, or probably you too, that readability is the most important thing if you want your reader to read and understand what you have written in a flow


I have already written Tip #7 that is about increasing this readability and tip #8 is about the same! 


Here, this one is a little tip for you to improve the readability of your post. The tip is- Use spelling instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6…


I mean, write “Hi! I am number 2464” as- “Hi! I am number two thousand four hundred sixty-four”. I know it takes a bit long time but read the two sentences yourself. Which one is easy to read and understand?

Final Words

I hope you have learned some of the best writing tips for writing your post. Keep these writing tips in your mind while writing a post to write awesome content, more awesome than usual! Don’t forget to share this post if you liked it and at last, take care, stay subscribed and thanks!